Burnout…and how do you recharge?

Regardless whether what you are sensing/feeling is real burnout or the result of job dissatisfaction, only you have the power and the means to work yourself out of this downward spiral.

First of all let’s take a look at some telltale symptoms:
# You feel that you are unable to function at your usual peak productivity levels

# You feel disenchanted with your current job role in general

# You feel the onset of depression

# You are exhausted as soon as you sit down at your desk of for the first time in the morning – and your day hasn’t even started yet

# You are perpetually feeling distracted and unable to focus

If any of the above strike a familial chord with you, you are probably in that state of disorientation that comes from burnout/fatigue or plain unhappiness with your role.

So what can you do about it:
1. Recognize that you are in a state of burnout or disenchantment with your job role. Determine since when you have been feeling this way, and what the potential triggers could be (were there recent changes to your team, your roles/responsibilities, to your reporting relationship, to the Organization in general – e.g. downsizing, workforce reductions, etc. All of the above could cause additional workload and pressures/stresses to load up on you.

1. Determine what your Career Goals and what your Personal Life Goals are – you may need to do this in conjunction with your family and your spouse or significant other.

It is unfortunate but we human beings have forgotten that our original need to have a job was to be in a position to provide our families with food, clothing, shelter and the means to be safe and secure…the emphasis being on doing everything we can to keep our families safe, secure and nurtured so we are growing and healthy.
However we have ended up utterly and absolutely sacrificing our family in the name of our jobs, roles, and Organization needs, wants and demands of us.
This is the greatest cause for the disconnect and disorientation we have started to feel. We are mentally, emotionally and physically out of balance with what we perceive as as ‘Corporate or Career goals and objectives,’ and the greater obligations and commitment we already feel we owe to our families (that we are excruciatingly aware that we have been neglecting for a while now).

1. So what can we do to alleviate this disorientation and lack of balance that is triggering the ‘Burnout’ and feeing of dissatisfaction with the Job?

a. Come to an agreement (with your family, significant other) as to what is the absolute minimum effort it will take to keep your family stable, healthy, viable and secure.
This is a question that deals with how much risk you are willing to take as a family to explore options that would allow you to address the burnout/job fatigue issues you have been facing – options that could necessarily mean your decision to explore a less intense role, or even explore occupations outside of your current employer.

b. In the final analysis, you are the architect of the decision to stay where you are and suffer the overall impact and debilitation you are experiencing, or to cut your losses, and explore less stressful roles, that may not pay out as much as you are receiving now, but allow for a less stressful and exhausting job role. Once you are comfortable with what you can work with, you are ready to take the plunge!

c. Before you take the plunge: Talk with your peers, trusted advisers, and social network. Let them know what you are considering and seek their inputs and guidance. You may come across others’ with similar experiences, who have resolved their issues to a point where they feel stress-free and satisfied today.
Once you are comfortable that you are on the right track and confident you are taking the correct decision (a decision has also been vetted with your own trusted network), go ahead, take the plunge…and best of luck!

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