To tag a well worn proverb…necessity is the mother of invention…here are some thoughts to go with:

Any business model today needs to inherently include an early warning system that will anticipate the need to change at the speed of light if necessary…and include the basic steps the organization will need to take to be in lock step with the anticipated change

Change can be both an opportunity and a threat as we all know…therefore the business model will need to include a methodology to arrive at the conclusion as to whether the organization will take steps to implement the change necessary – or to fold and collapse, to fight another day (as an example if the change requires a specific technology investment that the organization is not able to embrace in it’s current avatar, retreat may be the best option at this stage)

Consider how communication, technology, global work force, flat line of site, aggressively changing customer expectations, market dynamics and emergent concepts and innovations around Cloud, Big Data, Data Mining and Analytics, etc will either complement or challenge business model being considered – take steps to factor these into the overall considerations (stay connected to the technology landscape always to be prepared to anticipate future innovations that may need to be factored into the overall model)

Build an organization competency that will lead in the creation of a thorough organization transformation and change management process. Educate Leadership and the Executive teams in the need to be always one step ahead of impending change triggers.
Build organizational networking with like minded Organizations – agree on information exchange and benchmarking governance that will allow for the healthy flow of information, expertise, ideas and success/failure stories

Noah just went ahead and built the Ark…without questioning whether the flood was guaranteed or potentially, plain old bad weather forecasting…let’s make sure our business model anticipates the unexpected and is waterproof enough to keep us afloat and full speed ahead until the next proverbial ‘Transformation Tsunami’ hits us!


Change is truly the breakfast of champions!
If you work out at a gym daily, and never change your regimen or routine, chances are your body will plateau as will your fitness level, muscular development, flexibility and stamina. This is due to a phenomenon known as homeostasis, first researched by a Canadian endocrinologist by the name of Hans Selye. The theory known as the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) came from his Selye’s research.
Basically the body adapts to a work-out routine and triggers the law of diminishing returns, unless the exercise routine is changed frequently.
So the moral of the story is…embrace change…even if it is painful at first.

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