Social Identity…does it help shape Customer Behavior?

Man is a social animal!
With that in mind, it becomes easier to navigate the white space inherent in the topic we are all commenting on.
Personality type awareness suggests that we are always making decisions and judgements based on our specific and preferred response choices. However, we are also sometimes utilizing other characteristics of our personality type, that may not necessarily be our preferred primary or preferred choice.

Therefore we may be utilizing the response choice, as a reflection to the environment or social response riggers that our respective social identity is recognizing and reacting to.

We may choose specific brands and products that align well with our perception of self. We may behave in a manner (verbal, nonverbal) that underscores the kind of persona we wish to project.
We may choose to dress in a manner that compliments the kind of appearance we wish to cultivate, such that it underscores our overall social identity in the best light possible.

With the advent of Analytics and Data Mining technologies/concepts, all of the above traits allow for reasonably ease of monitoring the subject (customer?) that allow marketers to predict potential and future choices and decisions he/she may make. Simple things like cookies, or basic activity monitoring on-line allow Organizations like Netflix/eBay/Amazon to suggest or predict what type of products or services you may be looking for…this is just one tiny example in a plethora of eventualities the fascinating subject of Social Identity can generate.

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