Is Customer Satisfaction Dangerous…

On the continuing question of “Is Customer Satisfaction Dangerous”

I have posted an earlier response to this thread with the suggestion that we need to start focusing on “Customer Ecstasy” rather  than strive for Customer Satisfaction (or even “Customer Delight.”)

What then is Customer Ecstasy? Let me share a little story with you:

My wife and I decided to make a short trip to Vegas a couple of years ago. We boarded our flight from Toronto to Vegas and began to get our first taste of what Customer Ecstasy could feel like. The cabin crew in our aircraft, all seemed to be part of a ‘Vegas’ entertainment team, replete with the Stewards and stewardesses almost performing a stand-up routine from the moment we were seated till the time we deplaned at Vegas.

Not to be outdone, the Captain had his own contribution from the cockpit, with jokes, fun misinformation and general banter that kept us all laughing and smiling till touchdown at Vegas.

At Vegas Airport, we were charmed at the brisk, efficient and friendly demeanor of the staff, cab drivers, bus conductors and policemen outside the airport facility.
It was like everyone we met wanted to tell us something charming about Vegas, or some interesting activity we should consider, and in general, wishing us a happy and safe trip throughout.

When we got into our Hotel on the Strip, the Customer Ecstasy got turned up a notch or two. We were given an upgrade to our room because we complained about the view from the first room they booked us into.

The reception staff had our bookings almost memorized and ensured our paperwork was done in hardly a few minutes or so. We were the plied with coupons and passes to various entertainment spots and advised about places to eat, dine, drink or just plain have fun – nary a word about Casinos or gambling yet…?

In all of the time we spent there, my wife and I could not help but notice how the local residents and business staff took it upon themselves to make sure that every interaction with us was a happy and rewarding  ‘moment of truth.’
At the shopping malls, on more than one occasion, we found ourselves looking for someone to take a photo of us and before we knew it, some staff or other from the many stores, would offer to help us out and click that photo – this just by observing us and anticipating our need.

We also took a day trip to the grand canyon, and found to our utter disbelief, that even within the limited confines of the bus, the driver and staff were ever ready to assist, advise and consult with us, to ensure any question we may have had, was adequately and completely answered. Needless to say the drive to the canyon and back could have been a tiresome adventure, but the driver and staff made sure it was a fun, happy and safe trip there and back. The hours on the road faded into a mirage of laughter, fun, wisecracks and mutually friendly co – passengers and crew alike.

It was clear to us that whomsoever was behind the grand plan that was the Vegas operating system (State Government,  Politicians, Businessmen, Staff, Casino management and local residents) all treated the city of Vegas not like a City…but instead like a huge business Corporation. We could sense a palpable commitment in every single individual we experienced a ‘moment of truth’ with. They all had the same self-less enthusiasm to make sure this would be a trip we would not soon forget.
We left the City with the unspoken belief that we would be back…yes this was truly “Customer Ecstasy” at it’s best…and we will be going back for more…

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