More on – How can you be a decision architect at your Organization…

I am afraid we are  seeing yet another view of the same secret?
The fact is that management theories (like most of the great stories) have mostly been told.
When you really think about it, there are a finite number of great management principles and theories that we have all become familiar with, and from time to time, something ‘new’ comes along to tickle our fancy…but after first glance, it becomes clear that it is no more than old wine in a new bottle.

The concept of system 1 and system 2 are hardly new from a theoretical construct – yes it is clear that we take decisions on the fly from time to time, and then again, when the luxury of time permits, we are more inclined towards system 2.

Does it make sense to suggest that there are likely to be errors with decisions made using system 1, and less so for decisions made using system 2. Decision sometimes have to be made in the absence of the critical metadata that becomes the raw material for processing decisions in system 2.
You are at a strategic negotiation and have to make a decision on your final bid, or on a specific service deliverable the client is using as a deal breaker. Do you have the luxury for system 2? Can you guarantee that the decision you take will be flawless – of course not, but that is the very nature of the decision making process. A big part of he Leadership territory is the need for decision making…sometimes sans the luxury of time or all the metadata you would like to have before your decision.

System 2 has it’s own challenges. In my work with various teams to help them with their own personality type assessments and understanding, I am often working through instruments like MBTI or SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory). I have learned that our faculty for decision making is also fundamentally aligned to our specific personality type, as has become evident to me after several years of working with various teams on their personality assessment questions. It is my position that our personality type will define how we react to different situations and decision requirements – to suggest that we can alter the environment such that it generate a better place for optimum decision making, implies that regardless of personality type, the external environment can be aligned to direct and shape our decision making process.
I do not believe this would hold true. Our personality type and preferred response is pretty much a hard wired architecture, so it is not likely that modifying the environment alone will facilitate a change in our decision style.
Further the Strength Deployment Inventory instrument will show how someone with a specific strength with say analytics, could take that strength to the extreme where it becomes more of a weakness – because we are so immersed in the process of analysis that we put off the very decision making that must follow such analysis.

I am not convinced in the kind of pay-off this topic is suggesting…at least not for the present moment, so I’ll pass…

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