Obsessing over our jobs…

We have become so obsessed with our careers that we have forgotten that it all started out with having to work so we could take care of our families, and basically give them shelter and put food on the table…yeah right so how did that turn out for us?
Take a look at that ideal today.

We are so obsessive about our jobs that our families, our children…the people we cherish the most are all relegated to the backburner, all in the name of loyalty and commitment to the organization and the roles they would have us play.

True North never changes – it is a fixed mark…and likewise I do not believe that we have truly changed or become lesser human or lesser mortals…but we worship at a different alter these days:the alter of the Career…the Professional credential…and that so called must have – ‘the all important network.’

So we need to get back to simple…think in terms of abundance…that there has always been and will continue to be…enough for all. Stop the pettiness, the jealousy and the back-stabbing…because there is enough to go around.

Look inwards at oneself and what one is accountable and responsible for and start working towards delivering on those responsibilities without worrying what people around you should be doing, should stop doing or should continue to do.
In the larger scheme of things it is irrelevant.

Focus on what you alone have control over.
We spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about things we have no control over…and we allow those concerns to build up and fester until they become the sores that demand our entire waking/sleeping attention.
Set yourself free. Worry about the things in your control and address them consistently and with honesty, passion and conviction and you will see that little ember of light grow into an all powerful halogen beam of hope, confidence and self esteem.
Take charge of your own life…set yourself free from trying to take charge of everybody else and their lives.
In my opinion…that is the only true path to happiness and real, lasting, freedom!

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