On Wellness in the workplace…

Wellness has always been a personal choice.
a. For the organization to hope to influence he individual’s personal choice over his/her wellness, there needs to be a tacit understanding on the part of the Organization that much of what they choose to invest in “Wellness in the organization” may not allow for clear analytics as to how much of their investment in wellness is truly driving that goal – or in other words, it may be difficult to compute wellness gains over the long term, as a direct result of the organization’s intervention towards that end.

b. Wellness on the part of the employee needs to be embraced as a personal lifestyle choice for it to become a successful endeavor for both the Organization as well as for the employee. I am a firm believer that what gets monitored, gets done. If you add a sweetener of a reward for those who sign up for Corporate Wellness programs, there is a chance that you may gain some share of mind with the employees. (Because what gets monitored and recognized/rewarded, gets done better!)

c. A Corporate Wellness program needs to go beyond just the employees work environment to extend and reach out to their family environments as well. A work/life balance is essential to any organization’s work force and planning to ensure that employees get a fair swag at spending quality time at home with the family is a significant part of any sincere Wellness Program design.
Organization’s need to promote a holistic approach to employee wellness program that encompasses:
# Diet and exercise
# Routine and annual Physical’s and General Health check-ups
# Proactive medical screening
# Health and wellness communications and guidance to the Employee’s family
# Opportunities for the family to benefit from Corporate Wellness programs
# Recognition and reward for employees who exemplify consistent attendance with the fewest days off due to illness

Wellness at work cannot be isolated to the work environment alone…we need to think  about the larger circle of influence that the organization truly has an opportunity to impact in positive ways – the Organization, the Employees, and the Community the organization serves.

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