Personalizing Productivity…

On the subject of ‘Personalizing Productivity’
Productivity is ultimately a function of :

1. Personal energy level
2. Motivation
3. Goal orientation and,
4. Integrity of commitment

What do I mean?

1. We produce when we have the energy and the stamina to get to the end of the job at hand. Imagine you are required to plough a field and lack the energy or the strength to complete the task – do you reckon you would be productive?

2. What if you had all the energy in the world but lack the motivation to take on the task  – the task would simply remain undone because you lack the motivation to take it on and complete it.

3. So you have the energy and the motivation to plough the field…but you are unable to set and work towards achieving goals.
It is a large field of a few acres. There are areas that are relatively flat and easy enough to address. There are other areas that need to be fertilized, while some sections are overgrown with weeds and need de-weeding. Moreover, there are the usual spots of rocky topsoil and hard soil that will need to be turned over and dressed. Most importantly there is the task of getting the livestock required for the task as well as the machinery checked out to ensure everything is ready to go.
Now if you are unable to set goals and work towards achieving them  you will not be able to compete the task assigned to you.

4. Lastly, if you have all of the above in your arsenal however lack the moral fortitude to stay committed and focused on the task until you are confident you have delivered on every nuance of what was expected of you, chances are more than likely that the task will remain undone, or at best only partially done – because you lack the honesty and commitment to stay on the job until you have executed it in every respect of what was expected of you.

Best of luck with your Personalizing Productivity endeavor!

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