What can Leadership do in the first 12 months…

Drive a value system that aligns the organizations values, beliefs and vision for the future

Share this with the Organization at large

Walk the talk and deliver

The single key word would be “Values”


One of the most important things a Leader must be willing to perform in the first 12 month period is to take the unpopular decisions and actions that are often critically required to send a clear, unequivocal message that will level set the organization at large that the leader: “means business.”

I have observed over the years, that some of the great leaders I have worked with all share a propensity for determining those ‘Holy Cows’ that are holding the organization back…and rapidly (and without any qualms), rooting them out and getting rid of them on priority.
The same ruthlessness is also applied to those dysfunctional managers/teams who are not unwilling to align with the Organizational goals and are vocal and adamant about their different positions.
The leader must deal with this sort of environment in a decisive and expeditious fashion – and the great leaders always do.


Lead from the front
Always be prepared to take a bullet for the team
Genuinely be honest with the team about matters of employment security or the lack thereof
Take the hard decisions
Accept the fact that you may need to do things that will make you unpopular…

Quiet yourself…listen to what your team and your heart is telling you…some of these voices may only seem to come in whispers

Act with courage and integrity
Eschew insincerity and speak the truth at all times

Imagine your self to have died…imagine all the people who have assembled at your funeral…imagine what these people are saying about you and your legacy (imagine these people are your employees, your peers and your colleagues, your customers, your competitors, your family and friends)
…now go out and strive to do those things that will make your legacy become a reality!


Embrace Technology!
Become an ‘Early Adopter’ of Technology…understand how Technology can transform your Organization and make it more competitive and effective!
Recognize the value of early investment in Technology to transform the Organization from the structure of today – to a future and anticipated vision of the Organization!

Consider a tripartite council for Technology Adoption & Acceleration throughout the Organization – enlist the support of CEO, CIO and CFO teams to achieve this critical Mission!

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