Embrace Technology or die!

To that school of thought who would argue that we need to turn off all the distracting technology in the environment in order to stay fully present in the ‘here and now,’ I ask:
Why do we need to turn off technology to be present?

We are only able to stay present because of technology. To say stop multitasking, don’t respond to all email immediately and, focus on your breathing is like saying “watch me squeeze this toothpaste back into its tube.”
An endeavor that is neither realistic nor even remotely practical. We are living in a world where Gordon Moore’s Law applies, so get used to it!. Yes, the number of transistors we are able to fit on a square inch of an IC chip has been and continues to double every two years.
The reality is we will all look back on these days as “the good old days.”
So unless you want to be the other guy who blinked my advice is keep on multitasking, reply to those emails and breathe normally…for as long as the current Technology supernova allows you and your job to stay relevant.

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