People assess you based on two criteria: 1. Do they like you and, 2. Do they trust you…

It seems ridiculous to me that someone has to research for 15 years (Miss Amy Cuddy) on first impressions to come up with a brand new book that says something that is so obvious it is almost boring – that we size up people on:
1. Can I trust this person
2. can I respect this person
No. 1 is possibly the first trait we humans have always looked for in any contact with another human.
No. 2 is a logical filter if the contact established is of a business nature.
In any case – we hardly need 15 years of research and a book to tell us this.

It seems rather premature to attempt to size someone up on first impression and arrive at a conclusive “yes I can trust this person.”
Trust is a function of trustworthiness…this is not something you can determine on first meeting a person – but it is in fact built up over a period of time based upon the individual’s behaviour – the various little things that the individual does in his/her relationship with you that allows the individual to establish ‘trustworthiness with you- or to become worthy of your trust.
The second criteria – ‘can I respect this person’ is also predicated upon knowledge and validation behaviours that we can verify for ourselves before we begin to respect the individual. So I guess I am skeptical about this assertion from Amy Cuddy.


I have a huge problem with repetitive analysis of this nature that regurgitates old ideas into disingenuously crafted ‘new’ ones. We are all hard wired right out of the womb, with an innate ability to assess if someone we are engaging with is likeable or trustworthy (worthy of our trust). Call this a sixth sense if you will.
My concern is the moment someone comes l along (like Miss Amy Cuddy), and produces a Tome that represents tangible evidence that the research is infallible, we are bombarded with yet more self-help books that will provide us the ‘skills’ required to demonstrate that we are indeed ‘likeable’ and that we can be trusted.
Some things in life need to be real and spontaneous – things like liking someone, or instinctively disliking someone. Let common sense, observation and rudimentary evaluation (in conjunction with your gut) form your intuition. Please don’t tell me we needed 15 years of Amy’s research to tell us this!

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