When does it make sense to include Intuition in your Decision Making Process…

Let me reach out to the other side…where perhaps Intuition may be considered a fundamental prerequisite for survival in this new age of Social, Cloud and Big Data.
Our Information systems of yore were all designed to deal with structured data or information, where the data for throughput was nicely categorized, with neatly aligned definitions and descriptions, with ‘go / no-go’ gates to drive mathematical processing, algorithms and decision trees.
When you think about it, we come from a generation that had to study and learn how to go about using a computer. Some of us had to study computer languages just to execute our daily roles in the I/T business.
Fortunately the Software and applications that spun off matured to the degree that one could simply sit before a console and ‘INTUITEVLY’ operate the system to produce spreadsheets, word documents, presentation graphics and such like.
Contrast that scenario with today’s explosion in Social , Cloud and Big Data and Analytics.
Our pre-teen kids log on and off using their computers, tablets or Smart phones with an alacrity that leaves us dumbfound.
The workforce (both blue and white collar)are expected to be proficient with basic computing skills, regardless of their roles – and they do for the most part.
Technology has kept abreast of the changing needs and wants of the populace in a seamless manner such that we did not see/notice any perceptible shift in the way we migrated from the need to understand basic computer language before we could use a system, to where we have arrived today.

The underlining thread that runs through the entire commentary above is that the way programmers and S/W developers ran with the technology shift, was to inject a sense of ‘Intuitiveness’ into the programs and codes they developed. What I mean is that the basic functionality of the computers when hooked up in conjunction with the Program and S/W, allowed the user to INTUITIVELY know how to manipulate say…a mouse, or through use of simple icons, know where to send something to trash, or save something, or print something.
Today’s computer users are mostly self-taught (it takes literally minutes for one to get up and running with a basic computer these days).
Social media means that the information that people process and transmit with each other has grown exponentially. Machine to machine interactions are also growing exponentially…all of which means we have reached that crossroads in our I/T evolution where whatever it was that got us here…is not good enough to keep us here…leave alone facilitate our onward/upward progress?
Big Data and Analytics has arrived to stay…and because of Social, Machine to Machine and Cloud based growth, computing can no longer be an ‘mathematical’ processing of 0’s and 1’s, but instead needs to evolve into something that is ‘Cognitive’ much like IBM’s ‘Watson.’
Cognitive computing (like IBM’s Watson) is the next level of big data processing, using code that is truly Cognitive and can “Observe, Interpret, Evaluate and Decide” when assigned ‘Unstructured’ Data for processing.

In the final analysis I am sure we will see H/W Engineering, Programming and S/W Code to seamlessly fuse Intuitive and data driven language that is able to breakdown the vast, unstructured data we are forced to deal with in today’s ‘Big Data’ environment.
We can no longer rule out completely, the benefits and criticality of utilizing ‘INTUITION’ in our Decision Making processes!

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