Are Leadership behaviours and actions contagous to Employees?

Leadership has been around ever since the first Neanderthal looked at his mates and grunted ‘follow me’ as he stalked a wooly pachyderm down a gully.
The thing is that my illustrious leader would be as willing to kill the pachyderm as he would be to slaughter the first of his brethren, should the pachyderm prove too difficult to put down.
Hunger does not differentiate when the choices are to eat what is on hand or starve until the next chance happening upon a prey that can be taken.

My Point is we cannot guarantee that great leadership will always come with the requisite morality quotient. Consider Hitler, or King Leopold, or General Reginald Dyer…all great leaders with little care for doing what was morally correct.
Ergo…the argument cuts both ways. As employees, can we afford to stay silent and do what the leader does – even if we know it is a potentially criminal action?

The answer is no. Which leaves me to believe that sometimes employees need to behave in a manner that becomes contagious to Leadership.

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