Feeling fragile, insecure about your job?

Remember…this is all the life we have…we will ever have. Do we really want to live in fear and trembling with every passing hour, immersed in a  life-consuming affair with our job. Employers today make for fickle lovers, who will use infidelity like a terrifying Sword of Damocles, imminently poised to drop and separate you from your job.
The only long-term solution is to develop the unique skills and knowledge that make you less dispensable. Continue to re-skill yourself.

Ask yourself constantly: “what am I doing today that makes it difficult for the Organization to replace me?”
If there is nothing that makes your contribution somewhat unique, identify the skills your Organization clearly values, and develop expertise in them.

Bullet-proof yourself.

Focus on doing the things that contribute to your role, and that are within your control – execute flawlessly. Eschew those concerns that are outside  your sphere of control. They can only become a distraction if you allow them to.
Best of luck!


I find that from a career and professional sense, we end up getting the manager we deserve. If we allow ourselves to become the victim of micromanagement, it means we have either fallen short of our manager’s expectations, or that we have allowed the manager to bully/micromanage us into our current situation and role.

We need to decide – is this a leadership/management style that we can live with or is it something we would rather confront and accept the risk of whatever negative result that may entail.

At the end of it all, we want to preserve our sanity…and that may mean the trauma of sacrificing our job…or the less troublesome outcome, of changing jobs within the same organization.
But the choice is always ours to make!


There is no such thing as lifetime employment any longer. The sooner we embrace this rather sad, but chilling thought, the better it is. The terrifying reality of today is that Outsourcing is here to stay. Our markets are drying up and most of the commerce is relegated to the new, emerging powerhouse economies like India and China with populations exceeding a billion humans each.  Their combined middle class population alone is likely in the 700 Million ballpark – that is twice the size of the entire population of the U.S. With that burgeoning middle class comes incredibly attractive markets with phenomenal disposable income. So yes, micro-manager driven or otherwise – we will continue to see our jobs erode and head eastward…at least for as long as this current trend to seek out  geographies with the kind of Education, English Language and Technical skills like India and China, remains in vogue.

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