Why are salesmen reluctant to make that call…

A proper sales approach needs to educate sales teams in both aspects of the Sales process. The Tactical skills required when face to face with a customer, and the strategic planning that goes into being well prepared when one is in front of the customer. Strategy is all the ground work that goes into creating relationships with the correct influencers in the customer organization, knowing what keeps the customer up at nights, and confidence in recommending the correct solution for their needs.  If these bases are covered well in the Strategic phase, everything falls into place in the tactical phase when we are face to face with the customer. One cannot succeed without both phases being covered. The underscored, tacit, need, is for the salesperson to constantly think ‘Win/Win’ for both organizations.


Sales call reluctance typically occurs when the salesperson is ill prepared for the role of selling in general – especially for the deeper stages of ‘Qualify, Approach, Negotiate and Close.’ These stages assume that there is a strong relationship with the key buyers as well as that there is a “Sponsor’ relationship in place with the client organization (someone who is the Salesperson’s   ‘Coach’). In addition we need to have covered the Technical, Financial and User Buyers within the organization hierarchy, and have a good understanding of their needs and wants. Without these key bases covered we are bound to experience sales call reluctance – fix them and watch the problem disappear…in most cases.

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