What will cause us to lose our jobs…

What will cause us to lose our jobs rather rapidly is an obsessive fascination with management themes and recommendations that we already know of or have gleaned through great work from subject matter experts and others who have written and spoken ad infinatum on said subjects. So we know all about low emotional intelligence, or playing up to your manager, or negativity or an inflated ego – and the risks to one’s job thereof.

We need to shift focus to the real threat to our jobs – the Technology Disruption that is unfolding before us as we speak. Big data, Cloud, Deep learning systems, Robotics to name just a few of the drivers. We will see millions of Low/Medium/High skill jobs (Blue and white collar) disappearing as a result of the technology disruption above.
We need to stay focused on where the technology shift is happening and stay as far ahead of the curve as we possibly can. Though even that may not suffice to help us retain our jobs.
But that would probably be a better investment of our time, rather than worrying about sucking up to your boss or not having the right sort of ‘poker face’ to go with a well defined and developed emotional intelligence.

No – we need to ride the technology disruption wave so we don’t get swamped. You don’t want to walk into the office to find that an advanced robot from Boston Dynamics polishing an apple…in your seat!

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