Your first 100 days in the leadership seat…

I believe there is a meta-decision before the decision you took to join the new Organization. Are you moving from an Organization that has constantly kept you stretched intellectually, spiritually, physically and mentally…or are you jumping on board to be the big fish in a small pond.

That is the ‘to be or not to be’ decision you need to wrangle with.
I recommend choosing in favour of joining an Organization where you are likely to be the ‘worst’ player – that is the only way to ensure that you are in a constant growth and self – value building trajectory.

Do not allow any ‘Holy cows’ to shape the way you feel and behave toward the new organization’s culture. Be willing to slaughter the holy cows.

Don’t be afraid to come with the answer. If you come in without a clearly defined vision that you are willing to evangelize…you may be perceived as a prophet promising to lead them to the promised land…without a map.

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