About essaysandscribbles

Richard Francis is a Toronto based I/T and Office Automation professional with over 35 years of industry experience in some of the largest, most successful global corporations worldwide.

Inspite of his strong technical background, Richard is an avid reader and freelance writer, with a passion for research and intelligent muckraking on topics that we traditionally take to be the whole truth (so help me God!)

The idea is to distil the real truth from the fog of semantics and politically correct platitudes we have gotten so used to, while seeking new and different ways to interpret and clarify the information available such that there is always room for alternative points of view.

From topics that explore the belly of the beast to the temples of kings…we will be ever committed to remaining unbiased, factual and irreverent if that’s what it takes to make a point.

A budding novelist with his first book near completion, and growing collection of poetry, Richard promises to make every visit to this blog an interesting experience for you.

Thanks for visiting,

Richard F

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